Booking is not required from the 19th July.

All memberships were unfrozen on the 17th May.

This is the simplest way to calculate your new expiry … look at the expiry on your card and ADD 12 months. Therefore, if you were due to expire in October 2020, you will now expire in October 2021. We were closed 5 months in Lockdown 1 and then from early November through to mid-May (6 months and 3 weeks). We closed for a further week, recently.

The only exception to this is if you had a dialogue with us by you emailing us during the year to specifically extend your freeze, in which case, please email us again and we can confirm your expiry by checking that conversation thread.

Note: we have had some members contact us and say “I wasn’t aware you were open.” We are sorry but we can not extend memberships further on that basis, as national step dates and reopening of specific sectors have been widely publicised. We have always posted our opening and stated our policies for members on this website and on Facebook. It is impossible for us to reach all of you as emails bounce, change, go to spam etc. We are unaware of any other venues that have allowed the option to stay frozen and felt that it was generous thing to do, but this was only available on request. Therefore, accumulating time by being frozen is only something that applied when the play barn was closed unless you took up one of our offers to stay frozen back in Autumn 2020, or requested to stay frozen until Monday 19th July. If you didn’t specifically ask us to stay frozen, you were unfrozen and we are sorry this is non-negotiable. If you did contact us at any point to request to stay frozen, pick up that conversation with us again and you’lll find us very helpful.

We have a list of your new expiry dates behind reception. This may vary slightly with what is on your card, in most cases it will be a little later, allowing you an extra few days.

NEW MEMBERSHIPS … Due to continued limited capacity, we are currently unable to offer new memberships.

Little Friends Farm and Barn Discount Card

For those who wish to pop in regularly at off-peak times (Birmingham term time), we offer a Discount Card scheme, called Little Friends. With this, you pay a £30 annual fee to become a “Little Friend”, giving you a card which can be used to gain reduced, off-peak, entry to the farm and play barn for one adult and one child. This card can be used midweek during the school term (Birmingham dates). Additional children or adults would pay standard entry on the door. Please click the button for further information about the scheme including the entry cost benefits.