Please read our restrictions and rules regarding the way
we are operating during COVID.

While visiting the play barn, we ask you to stick to general COVID safety rules. Although restrictions have been lifted many people are still nervous and no-one wants to be forced into isolation through illness. Please wear a mask when approaching our staff and respect social distancing. Currently, you are required to wear a mask unless at your table, eating. Please click here for the official guidance relating to soft play.

If you have a new, continuous cough, high temperature or a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste please do not visit.

If anyone in your household has COVID or you suspect they may be positive, PLEASE DON’T VISIT US. We all now know people that have been double-jabbed and have still caught COVID. Please consider our staff and other customers and if you have reason to think you have been exposed give it a few days or book a PCR to be sure before coming to visit us.

If at any time, during your visit, you feel unwell, please don’t hestiate to approach one of our members of staff who will assist you.
Please also tell us if you have any other concern relating to health and safety. We would rather address issues immediately than for you to return home unhappy about your visit.