Please read our restrictions and rules regarding the way
we are operating during COVID.

While visiting the play barn, we ask you to stick to our COVID safety rules. Although we seem to finally be coming out of the pandemic, restrictions do still apply at different levels depending on the current STEP; for the safety of our staff and customers we ask you to cooperate fully with the current rules.

If you have a new, continuous cough, high temperature or a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste please do not visit.

Gatherings: We are an indoor venue. All rules that apply to meet-ups and indoor mixing also apply to a visit to The Big Play Barn. On re-opening on the 17th May, this is expected to be a maximum of 6 from multiple households, or, if just two households are meeting, the number can be higher (e.g. 2 families of 4 making 8 in total).

Bubbles: The only “bubble” that is permitted is where a single-adult household is in a support bubble with another single or multiple adult household. Other bubbles that apply to specific situations and locations do not apply to our venue (e.g. school bubbles or childcare bubbles).

Social Distancing: We have indicated a one-way system around our equipment to avoid children passing each other. We have also kept our capacity below the maximum advised during the pandemic. The modules that form the play installation are over 2m wide so please ask your children to keep to the sides if they must pass others and to do so quickly. If in doubt, accompany your child but please remember that adults (and children over 11) MUST wear a mask on the equipment. Please also ask your child to adhere to distancing guidance when waiting their turn, e.g. on the slides. Our staff will assist with this but please understand they can not monitor 100% of the equipment at all times.

We require you to wear a mask if you are out of your seat in our premises. For the safety of our staff and visitors we will not allow entry if you are unwilling to follow our mask-wearing rules.

We DO NOT accept declaration of exemption at the time of your visit; if you are medically exempt, please contact us with your specific situation before booking so that we can add a note to your booking. If customers persistently refuse to wear a mask and we have no advance note or proof of exemption, then we will ask you to leave. Children under 11 do not need to wear a mask.

We have a rigorous cleaning policy with a deep clean several times a day and ongoing wiping of touch points with antibacterial spray. To support this, please encourage your children to wash their hands before and after going on the play equipment and especially before eating or drinking.

If at any time, during your visit, you feel unwell, please don’t hestiate to approach one of our members of staff who will assist you.
Please also tell us if you have any other concern relating to health and safety. We would rather address issues immediately than for you to return home unhappy about your visit.